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Thinking Mining, Think Mina

The Mina SSV has been specifically designed for the harsh conditions in the mining industry. Our expert design team set about creating and building a simple yet durable vehicle that could withstand any terrain, yet remained cost-effective and easy to maintain. By analysing the weaknesses of current vehicles used in mining, we designed and built a vehicle specifically for the harsh mining conditions.

Evolution into vehicle manufacturing

Our engineering approach uses the latest computer-aided design, engineering and analysis tools to provide the most reliable, efficient and accurate analysis and specifications. With an increased presence in the marketplace, NCS Engineering ventured into the mine vehicle market through the initial development of a purpose-built hydrostatically driven mine underground personnel carrier. This was built in a low-profile configuration with a carrying capacity of 18 people. Although a range of standard LDV conversions are available, NCS Engineering’s primary objective was to develop and supply a purpose-built vehicle to withstand the intended underground application, with emphasis on the build and component quality, safety and the reduction of the maintenance and operation costs.

Underground Mining Support Vehicle

The old bakkies that have been used in the mines in the past, are now coming to the end of their life cycle and cannot be repaired economically. In addition, because today’s bakkies have independent suspensions and softer bodies, they are not as durable in tough mining conditions.

NCS has developed the Mina SSV vehicle, which has uprated solid axels, simple drivetrain, over-designed chassis and a hard body with ROPS and FOPS certification. The Mina SSV is designed to handle the toughest mining conditions, reducing maintenance costs and increasing production availability and customer satisfaction.

Other services of NCS’s experienced design team include the ability to work closely with our customers to provide practical vehicle customisations or even purpose-built vehicles. The company has been an ISO9001 certified company since the early 90’s and is currently certified as ISO9001-2008 compliant. NCS strives to provide superior products with the highest safety standards, exceptional service, and unmatched quality at a cost-effective price.

Mina SSV High Profile Vehicle

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Mina SSV Low Profile Vehicle

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