Benefits of the braking system


Feature MaximB Competitor A Competitor B
Test certification on manufacture & repair  ✓  ✗  ✗
Axle modification  ✗  ✓  ✓
Monthly high priced lubricant change  ✗  ✓  ✓
Enclosed  ✓  ✓  ✗
1 day installation  ✓  ✗  ✗
SANS: 1589:2012  ✓  ✗  ✗

Proven Safety

  • The failsafe system ensures that the vehicle cannot roll away unexpectedly.
  • New brake derivatives are tested and assembled in house.
  • All brakes undergo static testing and dynamic testing, using a specially designed dyno meter ensuring each break meets required design standards as well as SANS: 1589:2012.
  • All refurbished brakes undergo the same rigorous testing and are then issued with a test certificate. The brake serial number tracking ensures that we can monitor and track brake lifecycles, further assisting customers with their cost analysis. Any abnormal wear is highlighted and a complete vehicle and condition survey can be recommended to ensure that the system is offering optimal value.
  • The MaximB brand is alone in the rigorous testing procedures it applies, resulting in complete customer peace of mind.

W A R N I N G!

All braking systems fitted to vehicles should be certified as compliant to the applicable specifications and should be commissioned by qualified personnel, either by the OEM or by OEM certified centres. Systems that do not conform to this requirement automatically lose all warranties offered by the OEM with the braking system on supply. In addition, the company utilising non-qualified commissioning and repair centres run the risk of having the systems inadequately repaired, fitted with sub-standard components and possibly not conforming to the specification performance requirements.

Unequalled Cost Effectiveness

  • The brakes are wheel end bolt on – bolt off, with minimal modification required to the axles.
  • Installation is completed in one day, on site, resulting in minimal production downtime and therefore reducing out-of-service costs.
  • Brake pad wear is reduced due to oil shear.
  • Due to the enclosed braking system, there is a significantly reduced risk of foreign particles entering the system, minimising contamination and corrosion.
  • Oil changes only require low cost standard hydraulic oil, as opposed to other breaking systems that require high cost specialised oil changes.
  • MaximB brakes are low maintenance, further reducing costs.
  • Our braking system eradicates fine dust particle emissions, reducing wear.

Customer Convenience

  • External wear pin indicator showing friction disc wear for ease of use and maintenance.
  • MaximB failsafe braking systems can be fitted to almost any vehicle derivative.
  • Our in-house design team assists customers with their individual braking needs.
  • The MaximB failsafe braking system interfaces successfully with all major Proximity Detection Systems.
  • Our in-house maintenance and service team services brakes on site, in line with our customers’ needs.

For full brake refurbishment there is a service exchange option, resulting in minimal downtime.