General Engineering

Precision engineering of the highest quality

NCS Engineering (Pty) Ltd. provides the highest quality manufactured and machined engineering products to meet our customer’s specifications. We endeavour to accomplish this at the lowest price and in the quickest possible time, while striving to add value to our customers and shareholders.

NCS Machine workshop - NC Jig & Tool

Specialists in machining and manufacturing for a variety of industries.

NCS Engineering (Pty) Ltd. continually strives to provide the highest possible service level to its customers by continually improving costs and lead times whilst maintaining an emphasis on quality.

Over the years, we have moved away from conventional machines to modern CNC machines that are better able to meet our client’s needs. We have a range of milling and turning CNC machines geared for small precision runs all the way through to high-volume runs.

Machine Capabilities

Tool RoomSizeHeight
4 x Milling Machines700mm x 300mm500mm
1 x Conventional Lathe400mm swing x 900mm 
3 x Surface Grinders300mm x 800mm500mm
1 x Cylindrical Grinder300mm swing x 900mmm 
3 x Spark Eroders550mm x 900mm350mm
4 x Milling Machines1300mm x 800mm800mm
1 x Jig Borer600mm x 400mm700mm
1 x Key Slotter300mm x 150mm Stroke 
1 x Conventional Lathe400mm Swing x 1500mm 
1 x Conventional Lathe850mm x Swing x 2000mm 
1 x Conventional Lathe850mm x Swing x 3000mm 
NCS Tool Making - NC Jig & Tool
2 x Turret Lathes400mm x Swing x 600mm 
6 x CNC Lathes330mm Swing x 500mmm 
2 x CNC Lathes250mm Swing x 270mm 
1 x CNC Lathes360mm Swing x 270mm 
1 x CNC Lathes650mm Swing x 4000mm 
1 x CNC Lathes720mm Swing x 1000mm 
1 x Mill Turn500m Swing x 500mm 
1 x CNC Machining Centre310mm x 406mm340mm
2 x CNC Machining Centre470mm x 800mm420mm
1 x CNC Machining Centre310mm x 1000mm420mm
1 x Tapping MachineM16 
3 x Pedestal Drilling Machines  
1 x Eccentric Press60 Ton 
1 x Eccentric Press80 Ton