Mina Service Support Vehicle (Low Profile)

The Mina SSV has been specifically designed for the harsh conditions in the mining industry. Our expert design team set about creating and building a simple yet durable vehicle that could withstand any terrain, yet remained cost-effective and easy to maintain. By analysing the weaknesses of current vehicles used in mining, we designed and built a vehicle specifically for the harsh mining conditions.

These improvements include:


The Mina SSV has a solid axle design that is used in combination with uprated leaf springs. This custom design gives the vehicle a higher load rating than any other standard consumer vehicle. The solid axle not only allows the vehicle to take higher dynamic loads, but will also reduce maintenance costs.


Instead of standard rack and pinion steering, an orbital control valve in combination with a hydraulic cylinder is used similar to that of construction vehicles. This gives the steering extra durability.


The chassis is designed with an I-beam type fabrication with thicker steel for added strength.


The body is designed using a tubular frame with steel panels 3mm thick, as opposed to regular consumer vehicles which are 0,8 mm thick. As a result, the vehicle is better equipped to handle the bumps and scrapes that regularly occur in the mines. We are able to achieve full ROPS and FOPS on our high profile vehicles and a reduced DLV ROPS and FOPS for our low profile vehicles.


The internal cab is designed with simplicity and durability in mind. Only the essentials are used, eliminating plastic parts that break easily, further reducing maintenance costs.


A simple single speed automatic transmission is used, with a maximum speed of 42Km/h. This prevents over-speeding underground. There is no clutch, reducing maintenance costs. The transfer case gives the operator a choice of high range for regular terrain, and low range for the more difficult terrain.


The vehicle comes standard with two-wheel rear braking failsafe brakes. There is also an option for all-wheel failsafe braking.

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Description Metric
Length 4.768 mm
Width 1.772 mm
Height 1.450 mm
Wheelbase 2.871 mm
Approach Angel 44 deg
Departure Angel 25 deg
Ground Clearance 186 mm
Turning Circle 12 m


Description Metric
Make Cummins
Model B 3.36 Naturally Aspirated; 4 Cyl
Power 48kW @ 2.600 rpm
Torque 214 Nm @ 1.600 rpm
(*) 75kW turbocharged option is available as an optional extra.


Description Metric
Make Transfluid
Model/Type Powershift Type; Automatic
Forward Ratio 1.04:1
Reverse Ratio 1.04:1

Transfer Case

Description Metric
Make EME
Model/Type 2 Speed
Ratios 1.0487:1 / 5.9368:1

Axels and Steering

Description Metric
Make EME
Front: Model/Type P152; Steering
Rear: Model/Type P141; Rigid
Axle Rating 3.500 kg Dynamic; 7.000 kg Static
Steering Type Hydraulic Assisted (via Balanced Cylinder)


Description Metric
Type Overrated Leaf Springs with Shock Absorbers

Braking System

Description Metric
Rear Make MaximB
Type C200; Fully Enclosed; Oil Immersed; Failsafe & Service
Front Make MaximB
Type C200, Service Only
(**) MaximB Fully Enclosed, Oil Immersed Service Brakes available for front wheels as an optional extra.

Tyres and Rims

Description Metric
Tyres Type Skid Steer
Size 27×8.5 – 15
Rims Type Steel
Size 15″

Feul and Oil

Description Metric
Fuel – Type/Capacity Diesel/60L
Engine Oil SAE 17W40 Multi-Grade.
Brake System Oil ATF DX 3
Transmission Oil ATF DX 3
Transfer Case Oil SAE 85W140 GL-5 LS
Axle Oil SAE 85W140 GL-5 LS


Description Metric
Low Range 14 – 16 km/h
High Range 36 – 42 km/h
(***) High Range can be blocked out completely


Description Metric
GVM 4.385 kg
Load Capacity on Rear 2.000 kg

Chassis and CAB

Description Metric
Chassis Independent; I-Beam type; Steel fabrication
CAB Steel Structure & Plating; Full ROPS/FOPS verified.

Designed in South Africa for South African mining conditions


  • Integrated Engine Management System;
  • Full Mine Lighting Specification;
  • Wheel Chocks & Fire Extinguisher


  • Any Fire Protection System,
  • Pedestrian Detection (successfully tested on vehicle)

ROPS/FOPS: ANGLO AA264073; ISO3449; ISO3471; NCS1001:2015; NCS1002:2015.